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"As with any quality hand-crafted item, there's more to Steve Moran's work than meets the eye."*

H ello, I'm Steve Moran and I build custom fly fishing rods... damn good rods that fish as beautifully as they look. Each and every Steve Moran rod is built by hand by me personally: no assistant, no "back room" employees, no one but me builds rods with my name on them. When you purchase a rod from me, you're assured that you have one of the finest fishing instruments available anywhere, at any price.

Each rod that I build is created from your choice of excellent quality components, from the top-of-the-line rod blanks, to the fine exotic wood handles, right down to the placement, number and type of line guides. I scrutinize and choose every piece as carefully as if I were building my own personal fishing rod.

* Rich Landers, Spokesman Review, Outdoors Editor, March 2024

I've been building custom rods and handles for over twenty-seven years. In that time, my work has evolved from competent to world-class. My ability to raise the bar in rod handling by creating specialty wood handles that are bored out and filled with cork rings (invented and done exclusively by me) puts a rod in your hands that has a sensitive feel and won't tire your casting arm. These are rods that withstand the test of use and time. No rod leaves my shop that I wouldn't fish with myself. If you are unsure of what rod you would want me to make, here is a quick guide from Fly Fishing Insider Podcast on how to select fly fishing rods.

A Steve Moran built rod will bring increased enjoyment to your fishing and place a treasure in your rod case.

Please take a few minutes and look over my web site. When you finish, give me a call: 509.869.3474... let's chat about your new fishing rod.

Custom Rods

6107 E. Trent
Spokane, WA
Cell Phone: 509.869.3474
7:30am - 5pm
Pacific Time

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