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A Customized Rod Handle Early in my rod building, I began to focus on the rod handle. The handle is the foundation for the rest of rod to work from. I saw that there was room for improvement and I set about finding ways to create handles that fit better and had an overall better feel to them. It didn't take long for me to start making handles from various types of hardwoods, turning them on a lathe to personalize the fit and feel.

Initially, I was satisfied with the improvement that hardwoods provided. After using some of them for awhile, I became less satisfied with the overall feel of the rod due to the weight of the handles. With some experimenting,Adams Fly I developed a way to bore out the handles and insert several cork rings that total about five inches in length; this produced a handle that was durable, light and beautiful as well. Rod balance and handlability increased dramatically with this innovation; a few secret tweaks over the years have yielded unparalleled handle and rod combinations.

Four Various Style HandlesEach handle is turned on my wood lathe and then finish shaping is completed to suit the individual using the rod; women, men and children usually require different diameter handles for maximum comfort and control. A hardwood handle will retain its beauty far longer than a cork handle, additionally, hardwood is more gripable than cork. Handles are available from several types of hardwoods including: Cocobolo, Zebrawood, Figurative Maple, Bacodie, some Light and Dark Burl Maple is currently in stock; other woods depend on availability. I use Struble reel seats, U-20 in nickel-silver, or either black or clear anodized aluminum. You may specify a different seat if you desire.

Handles are Available Separately

Spare the Rod... Spoil the Fishing

Nobody ever caught a fish just using a rod handle, not even one of mine. I offer premium rod blanks from the Brook Troutworld's leading manufacturers: Sage, G-Loomis, Winston and St. Croix. When these blanks are fitted with top-quality guides and a handle that fits you personally, there is no finer fishing experience than casting a long fly cast exactly where you want it with one of these rods.

Fly rods are my specialty and fly fishing is one of my passions; please don't ask me to build you some other type of rod. All rods are custom built expressly for each individual client; I do not have a stock of pre-built rods. Each rod is delivered in its own aluminum case and includes a rod sock.

All rods carry the full manufacturer's guarantee, which I honor: Sage - Lifetime guarantee, car door or fish - you break it, I replace it. All others, if broken by misuse, you must pay for the blank; otherwise shipping and handling gets your rod repaired.

Signed RodAllow two weeks for me to build and deliver your rod... unless I'm very busy... or out fishing. Remember, from tip to butt, I personally build every rod that leaves my shop.

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