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There are clear differences between custom and factory built rods.Engraved Reel Seat Slip Ring - Click Image for Enlargement Anyone can buy a factory built rod from Sage, Loomis or one of the other rod manufacturers. And don't get me wrong, they build a nice rod, but you do get off-the-shelf, standardized components that reflect the compromises that are made in a one-size-fits-all environment. With a Steve Moran rod, built specifically for you, you get exactly what you want. A handle that is custom shaped for size and fit. Available in several types of fine woods and various style handles. Matching reel seat insert or choose another exotic wood to contrast or compliment your handle and rod. Nickel Silver reel seat versus anodized aluminum, for greater durability. Your preferred top-of-the-line rod blank. Line guides of any type and style: single or double foot (I suggest Fuji titanium guides available in black, gold or silver). Customized gear does make a difference. Your fishing experience is enhanced because the components are selected and customized to fit you and your fishing style, all for about the same cost as a rod from the manufacturer.
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Engraved Butt CapAdditional custom details, such as the engraving shown here, the scrimshaw reel seats, matching hardwood reel caps and handles and rod drawings are all available at additional cost. The reel seat and butt cap engraving is only available on Nickel Silver parts. The reel seat slip ring can be engraved in several different designs. The butt cap is usually done with the rod owner's initials. Adding such luxury touches to one of my fishing rods is like leather seats in a Lexus... the performance doesn't change, but the experience of using it is enhanced anyway.

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